uh – Oh, Canada

Thousands of working class truckers from all over Canada have descended upon Ottawa, Ontario to protest government vaccine mandates. They have spent weeks clogging up the streets of the capitol with their trucks; in effect, closing down the city. Are the truckers simply citizens exercising their right to protest what they see as authoritarian overreach or are they domestic terrorists and illegal occupiers? Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, wholly believes the latter and has given himself emergency powers to quell the perceived threat.

Workers of the world unite…and the far-Left hates it? It seems counterintuitive, but such is the hypocritical and upside-down state of the world.

Canadians, like Americans, have the right to assemble and protest. What does that mean, though – the right to assemble and protest? Do I have the right to barge into someone’s private living room, start a sit-in and speak my mind about their personal choices? Of course, I don’t. Do I have the right to invite people into my own living room and discuss any topic I wish? You bet I do. The grey area of free speech usually only encroaches when we deal with public spaces. For instance, can a trucker exercise their right to protest on a street upon which another citizen is using for their right to conduct commerce? I would argue that the truckers do not have that right. If you must violate another’s rights in exercising your own, then yours are probably not rights. (I feel it fair to point out that PM Trudeau had little hesitation in shutting down commerce and people’s livelihoods for nearly 2 years of pandemic restrictions that are showing to have had little effect.) Refusing to deliver any goods or supplies to the city of Ottawa would have been a more just protest in which the truckers could have engaged. If I had command of the truckers ears, I would have recommended this course. If they had any sense of the rights they are fighting for, they would understand and agree with preserving the rights of the small business and home owners of the city. But I do not have command of the trucker’s ears and I cannot command an audience with them. PM Trudeau, on the other hand, does have that power to gain an audience. Unfortunately, he seems to be unequivocally opposed to any form of discussion or discourse with the protesters.

Aren’t the best leaders the ones who would use their power to bring people together? Aren’t they the ones who, although they might not agree with their opponents, would take the time to listen to their point of view? Not only has PM Trudeau balked at discussion, his first inclination was to turn to force. What kind of leader goes straight to the use of force without any discussion or negotiation? I’ll tell you what kind. A tyrant.

His proclivity for the use of force is what got him into this mess in the first place. When he declared mandates in leu of education and persuasion as tools to increase vaccination rates, he turned off whole swaths of the population who might have been receptive to the vaccine until they were told they MUST take it. Ask yourself, have you ever been willing to do something until someone told you that you HAD to do it?

PM Trudeau learned nothing from his escalation of this folly. In fact, he has doubled-down. Instead of talking to the protesters and hearing their grievances, he declared emergency powers, before any debate on the subject in the People’s House of Commons, to conduct widespread arrests, ramp-up police surveillance, prohibit travel and public assemblies, freeze truckers personal bank accounts, corporate trucking accounts and also suspending their insurance (which would also potentially hurt any of their victims in an accident). What kind of man arrests people and seizes their property without due process? If Trudeau’s goal was to bring an end to this protest, then I fear he has greatly miscalculated. I would not be surprised, and neither should he, that people do not respond well to force.

In addition to utilizing force as his first course of action, this posh authoritarian has also smeared the protestors, whose protests have taken on, not a violent bent, but a carnival-like atmosphere with street vendors and bounce castles for the kids. He’s called them anti-vaccers, terrorists, racists, misogynists and white supremacist, all marching under Nazi flags. His top-down all-or-nothing actions, in fact, could be more readily classified under a Nazi flag than the protesters’. The poster boards in the hands of protesters depicting Trudeau as a Nazi are the closest they have come to protesting under a Nazi flag, but the elite controlled media cameras get so close to the poster boards so as to remove all context of the swastikas. Is it any wonder that few still trust the legacy media when any real and open interviews with the protesters themselves lends zero credence to any of their objectives being racially motivated? Most of the protesters consider themselves liberal. Cries that they are anti-vaccers fall flat before the evidence that 85% of the protesters are vaccinated. I wonder if there is a connection between Canadian media being state-owned, or, at best, heavily subsidized by the government, and the disconnect with it’s portrayal of the character of the protesters?

Trudeau is needlessly escalating tensions. This latest declaration of emergency powers will not have the desired effect. And when it doesn’t, will he finally look into a mirror, learn and begin a rational discourse with the protesters, or will he do what he has shown a pension for and use force to go a step further. Will he make the truckers back down by sending social workers to remove children from the custody of these Nazi/racist/white-supremacist/terrorist protestors? (How could you morally leave children in the hands of such people?) Does he call in the military to break up the protests? His party is even threatening to take protestors pets away. The emergency powers he has given himself do provide for such a outcomes.

With Canadian provinces relaxing and removing pandemic restrictions and mandates in droves, where is the emergency? The protest could be ended by withdrawing the vaccine mandate for truckers who spend most of their days alone in a truck-cabin. This is about Trudeau’s ego. This dilettante of inherited wealth, slicked into his designer suits, does not want to be seen as beaten by those he considers beneath him. Well, he may batter the truckers, but he will never beat them. They have exposed his vile authoritarian heart and that can now never be taken away.

The truckers are breaking the law. That much is true. But, when does that cease to matter? BLM protests burning down private businesses and commandeering whole blocks in Portland was against the law. The Boston Tea Party was against the law. Hell, the entire American Revolution was illegal in the eyes of the British Crown and certainly effected the rights of others. When is it that peaceful protest can and should turn to violent protest? It should be a very high burden to clear, but the answer lies somewhere in the direct rise of tyranny.

Canadians, you have a budding tyrant on your hands. I implore you to rise up in even greater protest to PM Trudeau’s latest audacity and allow him to discover the benefits of discussion and persuasion as a tool in his leadership kit. And when you do, if he doubles-down on tyranny again, it might become tar and feather time. Or, in this hoser’s case, perhaps maple syrup and Canadian geese feather time, eh?

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