No Small Irony

One of the more favored arrows in the quiver of partisan trolls from any locale on the political spectrum is to bring attention to any irony in an opponents viewpoints. I don’t begrudge anyone using irony to make a vivid point. I often do it myself. Irony’s comeuppance often lends a fine humor to both reason and justice.

An example of late is employing irony to highlight an opponents wrong-thinking is on the topic of Covid-19 vaccinations. There are many sides to this issue. Some people think vaccines work and they should be mandatory. Others think they either don’t work, are untested, might cause dangerous side effects and should definitely not be mandatory. Still others fall somewhere in the middle; that is, vaccines work, in that their risk is worth their reward, but should not be mandated. I fall into the latter category, so I have a little skin in both games.

For the Authoritarians out there who wish the State to take control of all social ills, asking the government to jab everyone in the name of “science saving lives” is par for the course. It has been done before. Children must have their shots by a certain age to be allowed to attend school, etc. That people in society would dare challenge their expertise on the matter, refusing to get vaccinated in the name of freedom of choice of ones own body (Irony alert for both side here on many other issues. Drugs, abortion, etc.), has their authoritarian ranks inflamed from their top politicians, to the legacy media, and down to the rankest Marxist social-media meme-maker. These busybodies will lock-down, exclude, mask-up, ask for papers and documentation until everyone submits to the jab, all in the name of saving the unvaccinated from their own choices.

Here is where the irony on this issue kicks in. When someone makes the decision to to deny the efficacy of a vaccine, sometimes even the reality of the disease itself, and proceeds to die from said disease, how can one not see the lesson to be learned spelled out in neon-glowing irony? Anti-vaccers might try to deny the lesson, not likely from a point of reason, but more from a place of face-saving rationalization.

Do vaccines have side effects? It would seem they do in a few limited circumstances. Are these risks much lower than those posed by being exposed to Covid-19? They would certainly seem to be, especially for those over 65. There are, of course, exceptions. For example, per a Financial Times analysis, anyone UNVACCINATED under 30 has a less likely a chance of dying from Covid-19 than someone who IS VACCINATED over 65. Considering they would have to live with any potential vaccine side effects for many more decades than would one amongst the elderly, a vaccine for young people seems highly unnecessary.

It is, understandably, irresistible to the far-left to not point out the irony of some MAGA, tinfoil hat wearing, Anti-vax, science-denier dying from Covid-19. I hate to agree with the far-left, but it is true that the victim might have allowed their own politics to cause their own death. This authoritarian clique has gone so far as to hand out on subreddit, the Herman Cain Award, mocking and chronicling anyone who refused to wear a mask, social distance or get vaccinated and then subsequently died from Covid-19. Herman Cain was of course the American businessman turned 2012 GOP Presidential candidate, who vehemently opposed lock-down rules and mask mandates, only to succumb to the disease himself in June of 2020. One moderator of the subreddit post said, “We just can’t bring ourselves to stop watching people suffering from the consequences of their own actions.” It is not only social media where I see this specific irony come up. My MSNBC home page seems to have a story on the topic at least once a week. There are likely hundreds of examples of these ironic deaths.

Take head. If you’re over 50, get vaccinated. If you’re over 30, you should consider getting vaccinated too.

But… the leftist-authoritarians laugh. Oh, how witty they are to recognize the irony! So very smart, so clever.

Yes, here and there, a fool ironically dies from Covid because of their right-wing anti-vax political beliefs. Yet, in all the snarkery from the authoritarians of the left, does a single one of them realize the political and economic beliefs they espouse each day have caused enough human death to make Covid-19 blush. To the socialists and communists out there taking great amusement in the handful of ironic vaccine-denier deaths, do you realize your brand of economics-denial has cost the lives of over one hundred million people in the last century alone? If a few examples are ironic to you, then what of the denial of hundreds of millions of deaths? Who are the bigger fools? Look no further than a mirror. Perhaps, one day, you Marxists of the world will get your way and take America over. And then, when the world crumbles around you and pogroms and famine desolate the lives of you and your loved ones, we might bestow upon each of you the Bernie Sanders or AOC lifetime achievement award. Oh, what humiliating irony that will be!

5 thoughts on “No Small Irony”

  1. Warren M. Spengler

    If human beings were capable of keeping all of their germs to themselves, mandates would be unnecessary. But they can’t so sometimes stronger measures must be taken. COVID is not a plot to subjugate the human race. It’s a global health crisis and must be treated as such. Liberal’s aren’t laughing at the death’s of their conservative counterparts, they’re begging them to get vaccinated. Everything in life can’t be voluntary, we don’t live in that world and never will. George Washington had his army vaccinated. It wasn’t voluntary. Had he not done so, we would probably still be living under the crown. If the far left were ever to take over America with the idea of remaking the country, they would quickly get bogged down on how to do it. They can’t even pass an infrastructure bill. The far right would have no such problem, a free press would be abolished in the morning and free elections in the afternoon. Just like they’ve done in Hungary. Too many on the far right have lost their belief in democracy. That’s the real danger for America. Not a vaccine mandate!

    1. Thank you Warren for commenting. You’re right. Covid is a global health crisis, although I believe an oversold one. You’re also right that it is not a plot to subjugate the human race, but nonetheless it is a crisis and those types who would, “never let a crisis go to waste,” will use fear and uncertainty to make unjustified promises of “better days” if only we were to give them more power; power they never seem to relinquish once a crisis is over. Our government has become a behemoth over the crisis’ it has addressed over the last 200 years. From the drug crisis (Ongoing war on drugs) to World War II (still have troops in wealthy Germany and Japan), to spying on American citizens in the name of counter-terrorism (Patriot Act) we just keep adding on, never taking away. A good politician can’t just use COVID deaths as a measure of success and failure, he must take into account the costs of doing so against the deaths caused by delayed medical treatments, mangled supply chains, skyrocketing prices (Which hurt the poorest the hardest), etc.
      You are correct that the far right would shut down a free press, quickly followed by free elections (just like Hungary), but if you think the far left wouldn’t do the same, I would direct you toward the politics of Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, the old Soviet Union, Haiti, Albania, etc. The key that has kept either far end of the political spectrum from shutting down free press and elections is the principle of limited government. Who cares who holds the reigns of government if said government has little authority to do anything save preserving liberty and justice, and providing for mutual defense.
      People like me who push back at every little encroachment of government authority in our lives don’t always think that the issue at hand is always a huge deal or intrusion, but we serve a purpose. Were it not for us, imagine what lengths those in power would take if they didn’t have to say in their committee meetings, “We can’t get away with taking control of that! These people will barely let us get away with this other small issue.” Both classical liberals and moderate conservatives often serve this function.

      1. Warren M. Spengler

        As our former President has shown us, if a supine Congress lets a President do whatever he wants, he probably will. Talk about irony, these are the very folks who talk about “limited government.” This man spent every day after the election plotting how he could overturn it. Has he been arrested? Heavens no! He will probably run again. There are limits to power built into our system. But if they’re ignored, they don’t work very well. And when the very people who complain about too much government power aid and abet a criminal pushing baseless claims of a “stolen election,” you wonder what they really believe in. These people aptly demonstrate that “limited government” is merely semantics!

  2. Freedom of choice my decision.
    May we always have what our forefathers stood for in this country. 🇺🇸

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