Life by the Bucketful

In many of the books and articles I’ve read on my journey to greater self-mastery and its corollary, greater happiness, a common suggestion appears: If you have a goal to achieve, tell others about it. Doing so makes one feel more accountable in the face of support from others, thus increasing ones chances of accomplishing whatever goal one sets themself to achieve.

In the spirit of this advice, I want to share some items on my bucket list, that is, the things I would like to accomplish in life before I kick said bucket. Hopefully, putting a few of the things on my list out there to other Americans will expedite their fulfillment. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but are goals of high desire.

I would like to:

  1. Set foot on every continent (Antarctica included)
  2. Learn how to play the piano
  3. To be fluent in at least one other language
  4. Go horseback riding in Montana
  5. Change a communist’s mind
  6. Drive from Chicago to L.A. on Route 66
  7. Fly first-class
  8. Go to a grand ball in a tuxedo
  9. Camp under the stars of Texas
  10. See my book trilogy in print on my fireplace mantle

In honor of my website’s new comment-box readiness, I would like to try and get the involvement of others in sharing their ideas about this post. Tell me five to ten things on your bucket lists. Maybe I will add something on your list to mine. Let me know if you’ve done something on mine and what it was like. Together, let’s help each other dream and to keep each other accountable. We only get one bucket. For your own sake, fill it!

5 thoughts on “Life by the Bucketful”

  1. My bucket list is quite small because I have already done most of it. But I would like to-
    1. Drive a Zamboni
    2. Learn how to milk a cow.

  2. I only have one thing on my bucket list David. You know what it is. I want to go to law school. Every decision I make right now centers around that. I would also like to see my daughter grow up to be a happy productive member of society too, but that’s another story. You have always inspired me to achieve my goals as yours are just as high! It’s such a pleasure to be working with you again in a full time capacity. The new website is fabulous!

  3. In no particular order:
    1. Catch a jazz show at the Village Vanguard
    2. Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
    3. New Orleans
    4. Wrigley Field ( preferably when the Phils are there)
    5. Go to a drive in movie
    6. Smoke a Cuban cigar in Havana
    7. Lose 150 pounds
    8. Travel by train
    9. Go to the All Star Game in 2026 at CBP
    10. Read the entirety of Edward Gibbon’s “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”.

    1. Nice list, Greg. There is a drive-in movie theatre just north of Allentown, maybe 45-50 minutes away from Lansdale. Only smoke that cuban cigar if you can be certain that none of the money goes to that Castro Family Crime-Syndicate. Cooperstown is cool. So is traveling by train (Did it all over Europe). New Orleans is ten times cooler than both. Do that first. Especially since you are a fan of jazz! I have a set of Edward Gibbon’s “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” if you need to borrow it.

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