In Her Defense

A small, but highly vocal, segment of Americans are throwing some rather large haymakers at American civilization. They stack alleged victims of American culture like cord-wood and set them ablaze in the night with fear and hate. The media, knowing stories that instill fear equals ratings, hold a magnifying glass and bullhorn in front of these fringe radicals making it seem as if they represent the will of a large segment of Americans. They do not.

To be sure, America is not perfect. Who and what are? Your children? Your spouse? You? When you point out their flaws in an attempt at fundamentally changing them, how often are rage and violence successful tools at bringing about their reformation? My guess would be never.

America is a work in progress. It must change and grow. And, it does. It has. The question is: does America grow moving forward based on the principles of individual liberty that have served to enlighten it in the past or must we, as the Marxists in the streets are now saying, toss off our American individualism and move forward subjugating the individual to the collective? Is American civilization so flawed that it must be fundamentally transformed? Do so at the risk of bringing down one of the most glorious cultures to ever grace the planet. Just because it is has flaws does not make it inglorious.

If you listen to those that hate her, you would think that America was built on slavery, male dominance and racism, and that it invented poverty and injustice. These evils have, of course, existed since the dawn of time, long before the United States came into being. Mankind’s natural state is poverty; no clothes, no shoes, no shelter, constant-search-for-food poverty. America inherited these evils as had every civilization for millennia. She should not be reprimanded for inheriting their existence, but praised for her unique and ongoing eradication of them. What was it about America that made her able to grow away from these evils within a few generations while previous civilizations failed at it so miserably for centuries? It was because for the first time in the history of mankind a country dedicated itself to the principles of individual liberty.

When you build a country on the principled foundation of individual liberty, slavery becomes a hypocrisy to much to bear. When you state in your founding documents the argument that all men are created equal, you can not long deny women the right to vote without seeing the deceit? But because this heretofore never before seen advances in mankind did not take place over night, anti-American forces blame America for ever having them, when they should instead give her praise for being one of the first countries in the world to eradicate them.

The problem of those who loathe America are that they fail to look at her objectively. Is America misogynistic, homophobic and racist? Compared to what? Many of the same voices that complain about American misogyny, are the same ones who say we must respect other cultures that stone women for adultery. In America, it’s safe for cancelers to give full-throated attack against the ignorance of someone who says, “That shirt is so ‘gay’,” yet remain silent about cultures which sentence known homosexuals to death.

Are many of Americans citizens impoverished? Compared to what? It is easy to look at an American billionaire and subjectively point to someone making $16,000 a year and say they are poverty stricken. Envy is an effective tool of hate. What if you focused, not on the disparity of income in our country, but instead compared our poor to the poor of the world? Someone earning $16,000 a year is in the top 1% of wealthiest people in all of history, such has been the gripping poverty most humans have lived in. The amount of people who die of starvation in America is too negligible to track. In fact, our poor are at greater risk of obesity. If we take a look at current countries who espouse collectivism over the ideal of individual liberty, we find our “poor” are doing very well. In Cuba, the AVERAGE income per person is half that of an American making just minimum wage. In Venezuela, it’s one-sixth. In North Korea, it’s less than a tenth. Only when the objective context of American “poverty” is dropped can you make people feel like her victim, not beneficiary. It is certainly true America could do still better by her “poor” if only she were allowed to throw off the chains of her mixed economy and fully embrace the free market system that has individual liberty at its roots. Even communist China has alleviated its poverty by the degree to which it has forsaken it’s collective past in favor of market reforms. (Free markets are so free that they even allow for communism. There are no rules in free markets that forbid say a union of auto workers from pooling their money, buying a factory, running it by committee and distributing the proceeds however they see fit. Communism is not so allowing of private ownership.)

Perhaps a Marxist might shout at me, “Well, America’s brand of individual liberty only works for people with white privilege!” I would respond that individual liberty is colorblind. If America is set up to only serve the interests of white people, then someone forgot to tell the following groups: Filipino-Americans, Indian-Americans, Cambodian-Americans, Pakistani-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Iranian-Americans, Nigerian-Americans (and the list goes on and on), all of whom have higher average incomes than white Americans.

America is inherently bigoted, they say. Like every culture, she has her bigots. Show me any country with a population far less than America’s and I can show you some bigots. America, though, is not her bigots. America is a nation made up of people from all over the world. No other country on Earth has assembled and blended such a wide variety of cultures. That people who fought each other in other parts of the world can come and live here together in peace is a testament to America. We tolerate other religions and political views like no other place in the world. Here you can live how you want as long as you adopt one American tenet: the efficacy of individual liberty. America will stay strong so long as this blending of cultures continues. The anti-Americans know this and they try to separate us with terms like ‘cultural appropriation’, an idea that people from one culture can not take part in another’s. I wonder if these self-appointed guardians of culture would harass a Nigerian they found wearing jeans and playing jazz. I would argue that cultural appropriation is what makes America so great. I am German and celebrate Oktoberfest, but on St. Patrick’s Day I am Irish, and on Cinco de Mayo, I am Mexican. America is beautiful in it’s unique homogenization of humanity. It’s acceptance of differences does not always occur over night, but it has always been moving in the right direction, a far cry from having roots in bigotry. Individual liberty has had social justice moving in the right direction for over 200 years, abandoning it for collectivism risks disturbing the trend.

The Marxists in the streets paint a different picture of America from mine. I’m sure they would debate my words of American praise for hours, and instead point out it’s evil roots. But you don’t need to take my or their words for it, instead, look at what people do with their feet. Why, if America is such an evil and bigoted place, do so many people want to leave their countries and come here? (If only our President would let in so many more of those desperate for liberty.) Why, if people are being held under the boot of injustice here, are they not emigrating to places where they might breath free? How come Floridians don’t make rafts out of garbage to escape American injustice for a Cuban paradise? Prove me wrong Marxists. Please, build yourselves a leaky boat and paddle through shark infested waters for your collective paradise. Unlike the Cubans, we won’t shoot at you as you leave, only laugh.

If you take the far-lefts intersectionality tool to its furthest extreme, you will discover that eventually everyone will become a minority demographic to themselves (e.g. Black. Black woman. Black Jewish woman. Black Jewish gay woman. Black Jewish gay woman who is the daughter of an alcoholic) No two people on Earth have the exact same intersectionalities as another. The smallest minority on Earth is the individual. Protecting this smallest minority with the principles of individual liberty, is truly how Americans become united as one.

Burgers, drive-ins, mini-golf, jeans, jazz, baseball, football, rock and roll – I love my country, if not always my government (They are two different things and one creates inequity and injustice in direct correlation to it’s deviance from the principles of individual liberty). So long as she is based on the principles of individual liberty at her roots, I will fight for her and sing her praises!

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  1. Warren M. Spengler

    America is not “A” nation, it’s “THE” nation. The foremost political, economic and military power that has ever existed in the history of the world. Do I hold America to a “higher” standard?” You bet I do, without apology. The problem with “peaceful demonstrators” is that’s all they want to do. March down the street carrying a sign. They need to get with a voting booth. But many of them express little interest in voting. As if demonstrations are an end in themselves. If you want to change the system or any part of the system, you need to work within the system. Imperfect as that may be, perfect doesn’t exist in this world. No matter how much you may hate the system, you change things using the tools that are available. Voting is one of those tools. You may not always get the outcome you like, but life doesn’t come with guarantees. That is why you must keep striving, generations before us understood that. It takes constant work to keep democracy going. America is not somewhere in the parade. America is out front leading the parade. It is only with continuous striving that we can stay there.

    1. Thank you, as ever, for commenting, Warren. Much of today’s protesters and youth don’t seem to understand how our system even works. If they knew how much it has accomplished over the centuries, how special it is compared to all the other systems man hath wrought throughout history and how hard it would be to restore once gone, I think they might think twice about tearing the system completely down and starting over.

  2. Michael Ernsberger

    great read. I agree so many look at our country as glass half empty and forget the acts and strengths that made this county great.

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