Fall for Fall

I fall for Fall. Reasons are both simple and deep. Cozy sweaters and boots replace tired t-shirts and flip flops. Honeycrisps and winesaps weigh heavy on baums. Contests of football draw me closer to friends and patches with pumpkins closer to family. Air is crisp, naturally conditioned in a manner no machine could touch. And the leaves, who can forget the leaves, holding more gold in their pockets than the rest of the seasons combined.

Seasons give our lives seasoning. I cannot help but grieve for residents of tropical climes and the dullness of their environmental monotony. What they miss! Springtime is a watercolored awakening after a cold dark sleep. Fresh and young, it stands simple with promise. Luscious Summer is a breeze, a game – a promise fulfilled. Even silverlined Winter serves us in contrast, heightening our appreciation for the rest as something earned. But, as marvelous as these seasons are, none other holds the depth of character which imbues Autumn. It’s romantic beauty is a somber one – a beauty loaded with ominousness. Fall is both death and life at once, together. Before the Fall ends, things will die and the world will grow cold, but not before the bounty of it’s harvest gives us the seeds we need to start anew when the days of the sun return. Somewhere primal, deep within, we sense this duality and it makes us consider more often our broader thoughts and mortal feelings. Fall reminds us that nothing lasts forever and reinvigorates us to revel in the time we still have. It’s a wake up call. A call to action. Don’t waste it. Drink the drink, dance the dance and live the life. Don’t let your chance pass. Jump into a pile of leaves. Get muddy in a pumpkin patch under a blue sky. Take a drive on a winding river road under a canopy of red, orange and gold. Watch a spooky movie! Bite into a Honeycrisp! Link arms at an Oktoberfest! Stroll the campus of your alma mater and cheer for its team! Spark up a campfire! Warm some cider upon it! Spike that cider and cuddle up with your sweetheart. Get out there and take a crisp breath into your lungs!

Like life, Autumn ends far too soon. When the end comes for me, I hope it heralds its approach in a style that matches the colour, the bounty and the glory of autumn’s stunning ostentation. In this way, I will die weeping at beauty.

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  1. This is my favorite blog post of yours to date. It reads like poetry and possesses all the feels. Just what I needed to read in this moment. Thank you

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