Your Civic Doody

Many years ago, during a “Rock the Vote” television commercial campaign attempting to get people to the polls, I remember actor Leonardo DiCaprio, saying: “Get out and vote. Hey, it’s easy.” Now, while driving or walking to your local polling place, waiting in it’s line and pulling a lever or pushing a button might not …

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Generational Theft

There was an infamous political commercial during the Presidential election year of 2012 which showed a character, who looked suspiciously like one of that year’s Vice-Presidential candidates, walking with an old lady bound to a wheelchair toward a cliff while she frantically struggles to stop him. At cliffside, he precipitously dumps her out of her …

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In Her Defense

A small, but highly vocal, segment of Americans are throwing some rather large haymakers at American civilization. They stack alleged victims of American culture like cord-wood and set them ablaze in the night with fear and hate. The media, knowing stories that instill fear equals ratings, hold a magnifying glass and bullhorn in front of …

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