An Open Letter to Justin Amash

Dear Mr. Amash,

You are not my representative in Congress, I wish to God, sir, that you were, nevertheless I have come to learn that you do represent many of the beliefs and principles I hold dear. These shared principles, principles like fiscally-responsible, limited, balanced, and accountable government, are what took our country from a wild ‘backwater’ to a pillar of civilization in less than a century. Indeed, examining the countries of the world, it is the level of adherence to these principles that seems to determine just how civilized a given country is. I thank you for your unusually persistent commitment to them.

There are 435 representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is nearly impossible for any citizen to be familiar with them all. I hope most are aware of their own, but think most know only those in the headlines they agree with and, probably even more so, those with whom they disagree. It wouldn’t surprise me that most of the electorate had never heard your name before recently when you came out in support for a vote on impeachment of President Trump for what you deemed, “multiple attempts at the obstruction of justice.” You were the first and, so far, only Republican to have done so. Predictably, you have become a pariah to those in your own political party who have circled their partisan wagons around the President. They, like most Democrats, fell in line with their party immediately upon the release of the Mueller Report. I don’t know how so many on both sides were able to read a 448 page report so quickly. It almost feels like they had their minds made up about the findings before the report even came out. You, on the other hand, took nearly a month to read the report before taking a stand. And what’s more, you appeared to use your own judgement.

Whether or not Trump should be impeached is not the topic I want to spend time on. (For the record, I do believe he should be impeached, but I also believe all 44 other Presidents should have been impeached, and for the same reason – their violation of their sworn oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.) What I do want to spend time on is how you handle yourself and your office. Not only did you read the Mueller Report, you read every bill that comes up for vote in the House. Speaking of votes, you held the modern record for consecutive votes by a representative at over 4,000 in a row, and when your streak broke, I read that you cried. Such commitment to your constituents displays a character seldom seen on Capitol Hill. Your voting record is impressive enough, that you post on Facebook the reason for each vote is a clinic in government transparency.

You are a student of the Constitution. I want to thank you for your steadfast support of government checks and balances. The power of the Executive branch is getting out of control through its executive orders and the party in control of it only seems to care about such runaway power when they are no longer in control. The Legislative branch, of which you are apart, should be ashamed for allowing the Executive to steal powers which Constitutionally are granted only to Congress, powers like the declaring of war, imposing taxes, and setting immigration standards. This shift of power toward the Executive endangers our Republic and makes us ripe for dictatorial power. Still few in Congress seem to care. When President Obama used executive orders to implement policy, Congressional Democrats said nothing about him stripping away their power and responsibilities. I often wonder, if they knew Trump would be their next President, would they have been more cautious in allowing Obama to set precedence for such a power grab? Likewise, Republicans railed against Obama’s abuse of Executive power, but now follow lockstep with any power Trump seems to usurp. This brand of hypocrisy is rampant among both parties in Washington D.C.. Is it any wonder 3 out of 4 of voters disapproves of the job Congress is doing? To your credit, sir, you vote to slap down the Executive branch no matter which party is in charge.

Conservatives hate you because you don’t support President Trump at all costs. They tell you that you are hardly a Republican at all. I ask you, are they Republicans at all anymore? Is their commitment, like your’s, to free minds and free markets, to individual liberty, and limited government, or is it to a single man simply because he has an “R” next to his name? Progressives hate you because you vote down government spending on pet projects they have not bothered to fund, but instead borrow from future generations who have no say in the matter. They hate you because you denounced President Obama’s bombing of Libya because he did not get Congressional approval as per the Constitution dictates. They hate you because you remind them that our federal system forbids them from wielding power which rightfully belongs to the States. The lack of respect most Americans feel for Congress, and the fact that you are despised by both parties on Capitol Hill, should tell you that you are doing something very right. Americans should study what you do, find out what makes you tick, and send more like you to replace the swamp-dwellers in both parties.

Unfortunately, the swamp fights back and controls the electorate. Not only will others like yourself not be sent to Congress to preserve our republic and our liberties, but you will probably soon be shown the door. You will be challenged by your own party in next years primaries and the support of those who’ve supported you in the past are in bed with Trump, and let’s face it, he hates you. Re-election is not in your future. How as principled a man as yourself was elected in the first place in this day and age is a mystery to me. Don’t fret. People who hold the same principles as you, men with names like Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Hancock, Madison, and Monroe could never get elected in modern America. Such a fact is a black-eye for the uneducated American voter. I praise the people of Michigan’s 3rd District for seeing you for who you are. Their vision ensures that the next time I am in Michigan I will bill stopping by Grand Rapids to see what kind of place understands principle so well.

Republicans tell you that you called for Trump’s impeachment only because you are seeking media attention and that you are reprehensible for it. (Trump being a media-whore himself seems to have escaped their judgement.) I would say that you are deserving of media attention. A politician not following partisan politics in today’s world? That is a man bites dog story.

I beg you, with the little time you have left in Congress, and with the media attention you have recently garnered, to spread the word of liberty as loudly and fiercely as your strength allows. Good luck to you in your future endeavours – perhaps in a new political party that might better understand your love of liberty and how it made this country great. I hope we meet someday and can spread the word of liberty together.


D.C.F. Walter

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  1. David have ever thought you could take some of your rational thinking and creative blogging and try your hand in the political arena. Try attending some local meetings and see how the bureaucracy works. It may encourage you or make you throw up. Keep the Blog. Uncle Steve

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