& Nancy

Ladies and gentlemen, please center your attention on our Center-of-Attention.

Nancy, the stage, the spotlight, the floor, here, are all yours.

Was it ever not?

How could you play it shy with feathers so fancy? They begged to be fanned, we could see it, Nancy.

Let’s strike up the band, lift up the chorus. When did Nancy not have something for us?

What’s it gonna be? A Mummer strut? Perhaps, a whirl or a twirl?

It doesn’t really matter, you can trust this girl.

Center stage is her home; her happy place. Witness the grace on the face and costumes covered in lace.

Of course, those times when comedy tried to steal the footlights away,

you held a firm stance, kept up the dance, and let nothing ruin your play.

If comedy failed, then hard drama cried, or, perhaps, tragedy plied, to take you off of your stride.

Nothing doing.

No chance to stop this dance, or avert our glance.

You’d just enhance your stance, through its well known prance. Take it away. It’s all so fancy, Nancy!

And, please, forever know…

We dearly loved the show!

Now, take a deep bow as the roses and low lights fall and pay little attention to our curtain call.

You’ve taken the heed of your male lead, so it’s time you end an age and turn the page. Go, now. He’s waiting there, just backstage.

Florence “Nancy” Mortensen


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  1. A Star is Born!!! Wonderful job and tribute to the center of attention and star of our show. No one will ever be able to fill those shoes and play that role the way she did. I will forever remember the Lead!! You have touched my soul for all of Eternity!! Amazing performance, Nancy (Nana)!!

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