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~Coming soon...The Trilogy Begins~

DAWN of the 20th

“He fell forward on her half-naked body; naked in all the ways necessary to his purpose. He was free to do as he pleased. In one last push of resistance, Dawn gathered the remnants of her strength and heaved her muscles upward in search of a way out. Her failure was met by his stab and the rush of pain accompanying it. She was drained and powerless to stop him.”

~The Trilogy Continues...


“The windows grew thick with spectators. A few of the working girls whistled long and low, though most of them had fallen into the same hushed spell as had the men. All of them, men and women, had spent years engaged in rumors and gossip; a story, a fable, a myth, a shadow, the legend of a girl as expensive as she was beautiful. Was this her? It had to be her. It could only be her.”